Trio of weapon-wielding bozos botch robbery



Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend


Two bicycle-riding brigands attempted to mug two people walking on E.23rd Street on Oct. 18.

The victims told police that the pillagers brandished knives while attacking them near Avenue S at around 2:30 am, when a third bozo arrived with a stun gun, which the victims wrestled out of his hands causing the three attackers to flee. 

Sleeping burglary

A bandit looted a Voorhies Avenue apartment while a man was sleeping on Oct. 14

The victim told police that he woke up as the home invader was leaving the apartment at the intersection of Bedford Avenue around 2:15 pm with a handful of stolen belongings. 

Cuffing season

A freebooter snagged handcuffs, a laptop, and a radio from Stuart St. building on Oct. 14. 

One of the victims told police that the thief broke into the building at the intersection of Avenue S by smashing the window of the back door at around 12:22 am, before fleeing with the contraband.

Go take a bike

A knife-wielding brute stole a man’s cell phone and jacket on Kings Highway on Oct. 17. 

The victim told police that the pilferer approached at the corner of Ocean Ave at around 9:40 pm, before stealing his e-bike and riding off.