Brute slashes man during heated argument


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Slash and dash

A brute slashed a man with a sharp object on 21st Avenue on March 20.

The victim told police that he saw his male and female neighbors arguing between Benson and Bath avenues at 5:30 pm, but when he tried to intervene, the man pulled out a sharp object and slashed him over the stomach.

Lotto looter

A thief nabbed lotto tickets from a 86th Street bodega on March 19.

An employee told police that the bandit entered the store on the corner of 14th Avenue at 12:15 am and walked behind the cash register, where he pushed the employee and nabbed the lottery tickets. 

Cop conmen

Two men hoaxers stole $600 from a man on Bath Avenue on March 19.

The victim told police that the men flashed police lights from their sedan and posed as cops between Bay 32nd Street and 23rd Avenue at 9:30 pm, before snatching $600 and his wallet and driving away.

What a tool

A bandit stole $5,000 worth of tools from a Cropsey Avenue basement on March 16.

The victim told police that the burglar broke into his apartment’s basement on the corner of 17th Avenue at around 10 am and snagged the assortment of construction tools.