A crook loots local mechanic

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Lifetime inspections

A crook swiped 40 inspection stickers from an 84th Street mechanic sometime after they were delivered on Nov. 27.

The victim told police they reached out to the state Department of Motor Vehicles about the order that seemed to never show up to their shop at the intersection of New Utrecht Avenue, but were told it was delivered around 3:30 pm five days after they were ordered.


A bandit snagged a cellphone from an unexpectedness straphanger while riding the N-train on Dec. 16

The victim told police the thief entered at the Eighth Avenue subway stop and fled from the subway  at the New Utrecht station around 6:30 pm after stealing her cellphone.

Black out

A carjacker stole a black Honda Odyssey parked on Kings Highway on Dec. 19.

The lout also swiped the victim’s cash and credit cards from the vehicle  between W. 3rd and W. 4th Streets around 7:55 am that was left running.


A car jacker stole a black Cadillac left running at a Stillwell Avenue gas station on Dec. 20. 

As police were interviewing the victim between Kings Highway and Avenue P they saw the stolen vehicle speed by around 9:15 pm and the thief run from the vehicle. 

Glass houses

A brute hit a woman in the face with a glass bottle at a 15th Avenue apartment on Dec. 24. 

The victim told police she was in a verbal argument with the stranger at the apartment building between 61st and 62nd streets when the savage hit her with the bottle around 6:50 am and fled. 

Dollars and cellphones

Highwaymen stole a pedestrian’s cellphones while they were walking home from work on 63rd Street after asking for money on Dec. 24. 

The victim told police when he refused and continued walking at the intersection of 20th Avenue, the lout pushed him from behind around 5 am and took his two cellphones.