No free pizza

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Drive-by window

A brute slashed a man working a drive-thru window on 86th Street with his knife after they had an argument on June 13. 

The victim told police the savage walked up to the window at the intersection of W. 13th Street and sliced him with the black pocket knife around 12:45 am and fled in a grey sedan. 

Playing games

A pair of goons approached a man in his car on Avenue O and shot him with a toy BB gun on June 16. 

The victim told the police one of the bruisers said “get him” when walking up to his car at the intersection of W. 10th Street and then the other proceeded to shoot the toy pellet at him around 2:30 pm causing no injury. 

No free pizza

A trio of thieves attempted to break into a woman’s 80th Street house two separate times after calling a pizza delivery to see if she was home on June 16. 

The victim told police she saw three prowlers in her backyard between 23rd and Stillwell avenues around a half-hour later and confronted them through the speakers and they left. 

The three men came back about 45 minutes later around 10:19 pm and broke a back window to the house, and a neighbor noticed and texted the victim to call 911, and the villains fled.