Not so safe

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Battle chair

A man allegedly attacked his roommate with a shower chair at their Cropsey Avenue apartment on April 29.

The victim told police his roommate allegedly began attacking him at the apartment between Bay 32nd Street and 23rd Avenue while he was laying in bed around 6:55 pm, causing injury to his head. 

Not so safe 

A man was showing his friend a safe he was gifting to him at his Benson Avenue apartment when allegedly the receiver of the gift took it the wrong way on April 26.

The alleged victim told police the man purportedly struck him in the back with a bicycle cable while at the residence between Bay 32nd Street and 23rd Avenue and then proceeded to pull out a firearm around 2:20 pm and take his belongings. 

J’s on my feet 

A thief broke into a Bay Ridge Avenue home and stole a pair of Jordans sneakers on April 26. 

Police said the robber broke into the home between Bay Parkway and Bay 29th Street though a rear window around 4:30 am and stole the pair of Michael Jordan edition sneakers.