Lout stabs woman with glass bottle


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Bottled up rage 

A man stabbed a woman with a glass bottle on 64th Street at 4 am. 

The victim told police that the attacker, whom she knew, stabbed her with the broken glass in her arm at a home between 20th and 21st avenues at 4 am.

The victim suffered swelling to her arm, and EMS rushed her to NYU Langone Hospital, where she received stitches, according to police reports.

BB Gun

A 15-year-old shot his friend with a bb gun on W. 11th Street on Sept. 19.

The 15-year-old victim told police that his friend fired at him after the two had gotten into an argument about money between Avenue O and Avenue P at around 7:50 pm.

The shots hit the victim in the left hand and the left side of his head, causing him to bleed, according to police reports.  

Power hungry

A thief nabbed a generator from the 18th Avenue N train subway station on Sept. 17.

A city employee told police that the bandit stole the $2,000 generator, which was being used for construction work on the station’s roof, from outside the terminal located between 63rd and 64th streets at 11:15 am.


A robber may have stolen a man’s briefcase, passport, and $4,000 in cash on 86th Street on Sept. 18.

The victim, who cops said was very drunk, told police that the assailant nabbed his briefcase, passport, cash, and driver’s license while injuring him in the lip between Bay 32nd and 23rd Avenue at around 11:25 pm.

Police took the man to Coney Island Hospital for an examination, but the staff said that he had been there hours earlier for being overly intoxicated, and that he didn’t have the property on him when he came in, according to police reports.