62nd Precinct: Fisherman attacked by four jerks

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Fisherman attacked by four jerks

Four jerks attacked a man on Bay Parkway on Nov. 11.

The victim told police the group of brutes approached him at about 1:30am as he was fishing in Gravesend Bay and started cursing him out and physically attacking him, then stole his cell phone, wallet, and passport. He was left with cuts and bruises across his body, and was taken to NYU-Langone Hospital Brooklyn for treatment.

Fraudsters steal electronics 

A couple of fraudsters allegedly stole electronics on West 7th Street on Nov. 10 after they promised to purchase the items.

Police said the victim and the thieves connected on Facebook Marketplace and decided to meet in person to make the sale. At their meeting place near Quentin Road, the three would-be buyers handed over a wad of fake cash. When the seller noticed the money was fake, they reportedly grabbed the electronics and started physically attacking him.

Two of the jerks ran off, but the victim managed to hold onto one, who was arrested at the scene. The victim was taken to Coney Island Hospital for evaluation.

Toughs pee in public, attack man

Two toughs allegedly physically attacked a man on 65th Street on Nov. 7.

The victim told police the two punks were urinating on the sidewalk outside a liquor store near Bay Parkway at 4pm and he asked them to stop. In response, they turned on him and started hitting and punching him. The victim said he grabbed a metal rod to defend himself — but his assailants allegedly grabbed it and started hitting him with it.

One of the suspects was arrested on the scene. The incident left the victim with scratch marks, a laceration, and redness on his left arm.

Assault in park

A man was assaulted as he sat at the Seth Low Playground near 73rd Street and Bay Parkway on Nov. 7.

Cops said the victim was minding his business on a park bench just after 6pm when a stranger approached him holding a metal baseball bat and swung it at his head. The perp promptly ran away up Bay Parkway, and police found no sign of him on a subsequent search of the area.

The victim was brought to Maimonides Medical Center with pain and bruising on his head.

Gambling fight

A man was sliced with a knife following an argument with a stranger on New Utrecht Avenue on Nov. 9.

The victim told police he had been gambling at a nearby venue and got into an argument with four strangers over cheating. When he left the building, all four jerks followed him out and all the way to the corner of 18th Avenue, where they jumped him. One of the perps grabbed a knife and sliced the victim on the nose, leaving a significant slash. 

Emergency responders took the victim to Coney Island Hospital for treatment.