Backstabber knifes helpless victim

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach


A savage stabbed a man walking on Bay 20th Street in the back on Aug. 26. 

The victim told police that the marauder stabbed him between 86th Street and Benson Avenue at around 12:37 am. 

Paramedics rushed the bloodied victim to Lutheran Hospital for treatment of his wounds, according to police reports. 

Win dixie 

A thief broke into an 86th Street store and stole Dixie cups on Aug. 24. 

The victim told police that the cheapo broke into the store between Stillwell and 25th avenues at around 11 pm through a side window and stole the miniature cups. 

Stranger Danger

A stalker followed a woman to her W. Ninth Street home while she was on her lunch break on Aug. 26. 

The victim told police that the man attempted to pick the locks on her car outside her home between Avenues O and P at around 1 pm, but was unsuccessful and fled.