Quartet of baddies brutally rob man

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach


A quartet of savages mugged a man of his empty wallet on Kings Highway and stabbed him in the back on July 19. 

The victim told police that the brutes took his wallet near the intersection of W. 11th Street at around 4:38 am, but when one of them realized the wallet was empty, she threw it on the ground and stabbed him. 

Toss the salad

Bandits broke into a 15th Avenue apartment and left a salad bowl in the bathroom on July 23. 

The victim told police that he is unsure what was stolen from the apartment between 73rd and 74th streets, but he left it unattended for a few hours until 11:30 pm when he returned to find the rear window’s screen broken and the mystery bowl in the bathroom.

Free makeover  

A shoplifter stole $1,000 worth of cosmetics from an 86th Street drug store on July 25. 

An employee told police that the sneak-thief grabbed a bunch of contraband from the store between Bay 10th and Bay 11th streets at around 11:44 am, before fleeing the store without paying.