Villains violently rob man outside a bar


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Punch-drunk shove

Three villains socked a man and stole his phone outside a New Utrecht bar on Feb. 21.

The victim told police that two of the strangers lunged at him, punching him repeatedly in the face, shoving him to the ground, and kicking him outside the pub by the corner of Bay Ridge Parkway at 12:25 am, before the lowlifes took the victim’s iPhone X and wallet.

The victim suffered bruising to his face and a bloody lip, according to police reports. 

Bad friend

Police arrested a man for allegedly slashing his roommate with a knife on Bay 31st Street on Feb. 21.

The victim told police that he got into an argument with his roommate while drinking inside their apartment on the corner of Bath Avenue at 10 pm, when the suspect allegedly slashed the victim twice in the head. 

The roommate ran out of the house, and paramedics took the victim to Coney Island Hospital for treatment, according to police reports.

Bike bandit

A thief stole a motorbike from a 74th Street garage on Feb. 15.

The victim told police that the burglar broke into his private garage near the corner of 14th Avenue at around 4:40 am and snagged the $4,000 bike.

Cash ‘n’ dash

Two burglars stole $5,500 from a bagel store on 17th Avenue on Feb. 16.

An employee told police that the thieves pried open the rear door of the eatery near 79th Street at around 5:15 am and snatched $2,500 from the register and $3,000 from the ATM. 

The pair stole the security footage as well, although cameras behind the store captured the good-for-nothings leaving the location, according to police reports.

Makeup menace

A sneak thief stole nearly $2,000 worth of makeup from a 18th Avenue store on Feb. 12.

An employee told police that the pilferer nabbed $1,916 worth of products from the beauty aisle of the department store on the corner of 64th Street at noon before quietly running off without paying.