Gunman shoots victim during botched robbery


Sunset Park–Windsor Terrace

Shoulder shot

A gunman shot a man during a botched robbery on Fifth Avenue on March 9.

The victim told police that two thieves brandished a back firearm and demanded his money near 52nd street at 12:10 am, but when the victim tired to fight back, the gunman shot him in the shoulder and fled. 

First responders rushed the victim to NYU Langone Hospital in stable condition for treatment according to police reports. 


Some scammer swindled $18,445 from a woman on 53rd Street on March 8.

The victim told police that she discovered that the sneak drained her savings account from the bank near Eighth Avenue at around noon.

Mystery threats

Some hoaxer extorted a man on Fifth Avenue on March 2.

The victim told police that he received messages at his home near 36th Street at around 5 pm saying someone would kill his family if he didn’t wire the scammers $800 — which he did.

Ripped off 

Some worm robbed a delivery guy on Seventh Avenue on March 3.

The victim told police that he was making deliveries to a bodega near 40th Street at around 2:30 pm, when the thief broke into his unlocked van and stole $1,500 from the glove department.