Burglar steals from break room

84th precinct stationhouse
The 84th Precinct stationhouse in Downtown Brooklyn.
Photo by Kirstyn Brendlen


Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Break room burglar

A burglar snatched personal belongings from the employee break room of a Fulton Street drugstore on June 25.

Police said the jerk strolled into the Duane Reade near Smith Street around 7 a.m. and walked past an “Employees Only” sign into the breakroom, where he pocketed an iPhone and charger, credit and debit cards, a Social Security card, and $250 in cash. 

Scofflaw steals saws

Some jerk broke into a locked construction site on Pacific Street and hauled away more than $20,000 in equipment on June 22.

The victim said they locked up the gates at the construction site near Smith Street at around 4 p.m. on June 21 — but that didn’t stop the thief, who busted open the locks sometime between then and 6 a.m. and wheeled away multiple saws as well as drills and other equipment equipment.

Punk steals parent’s wallet

A punk stole a wallet from a mom’s backpack as she rode the subway with her children after school on June 13.

Cops said the woman was riding the Q train from Manhattan to DeKalb Avenue with her kids in tow at about 5pm when she pulled her backpack around and realized that it was unzipped — and that someone had reached in to pluck out her wallet, which contained $95 in cash and credit and debit cards. The thief later tried to make purchases on her cards.

Luxury car stolen

A sneak allegedly stole a Maserati Levante from a Furman Street parking garage on June 24.

The victim told police she parked the vehicle in her building’s garage near Doughty Street at 11pm, and by the wee hours of June 25, it had vanished without a trace — there was no broken glass or other evidence of a break-in in the garage. However, license plate recognition caught the vehicle at the corner of Rockaway and Livonia avenues later that day, and cops arrested the thief nearby.