84th Precinct: Bottle-swinging baddies

84th precinct stationhouse
The 84th Precinct stationhouse in Downtown Brooklyn.
Photo by Kirstyn Brendlen


Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Bottle-swinging baddies

A pair of baddies attacked a man with a glass bottle on Gold Street on Oct. 19.

The victim told police he was sitting on a bench near Myrtle Avenue just before 2pm when the two brutes walked up to him and started an argument. Things heated up, and one of the jerks punched him in the face – then took a 40oz glass botttle and swung it at his head.

The attackers fled, and the victim walked into the 84th Precinct stationhouse nearby to report the incident. He was left with bruising, swelling, and a laceration on his head. 

Trio of teens swing at shopper

Three young punks allegedly attacked someone as they walked near Albee Square on Oct. 16.

Cops said the victim was walking near Fulton Street at 9pm when the trio approached them out of the blue and started swinging, striking the victim in the face. Police took the victim, who was bruised and cut, to The Brooklyn Hospital Center for further evaluation.

All three alleged assailants were arrested on the scene.

Sneak steals pricey pants

A shoplifter stole a selection of clothing from the Fulton Street Banana Republic store on Oct. 22.

An employee told cops the sneak entered the store near Bridge Street at about 7:15pm and shopped around, picking up several pairs of jeans, a suede bomber jacket, and a flannel shirt, and went into the fitting room to try on the duds. Once behind the curtain, though, the criminal stuffed the clothes, worth more than $1,000, into his bag and swiftly headed for the exit.

Crook takes camera bag

Some crook stole a bag stuffed with camera equipment from a straphanger near Pacific Street on Oct. 22.

Police said the victim was sitting on a northbound D train with her bag next to her when it stopped at the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station near 4th Avenue at about 4pm. She looked up to see a man swiftly walking toward her and grabbed her bag — but the determined thief snatched it from her hands and fled out of the train. The beloved backpack contained her Canon camera and lens, plus other equipment, worth nearly $4,000 in total. 

Sporty snake

A snake stole a woman’s backpack as she played sports at Brooklyn Bridge Park on Oct. 21.

The victim said she set her blue Jansport backpack down at the edge of the field near the intersection of Joralemon and Fulton streets at 9pm as she ran around on the Pier 5 fields. Just 14 minutes later, she realized the bag was gone — and she hadn’t seen anyone approach the field of her backpack. The knapsack contained her Macbook Pro, credit cards, and drivers license — and, cops said, by the time she cancelled her cards, several unauthorized charges had already been attempted. 

ParkFast purloiner

Some jerk snuck into the office at a Livingston Street parking garage and stole some cash between Oct. 18 and 21.

An employee told police that sometime between midnight on Oct. 18 and 7am on the 21st, the snake managed to get to an unlocked safe at the ParkFast location near Schermerhorn Street and pocketed $1,315. Cameras on the scene may have captured images of the thief. 

Dirtbag lifts designer lenses

A dirtbag stole a selection of fancy sunglasses from a Fulton Street department store on Oct. 20. 

Cops said the sticky-fingered suspect strolled into the Macy’s department store near Hoyt Street at about 7pm and moseyed into the sunglasses section, where they swiftly pocketed six pairs of Versace shades — worth about $2,000 in total — and fled onto Livingston Street. 

Almost shoplifting at Target

Shoplifting wasn’t quite the goal of a thief who nabbed a shopper’s personal belongings at the Albee Square Target on Oct. 17. 

The victim said she was shopping in the department store near Fulton Street with her iPhone in her shopping basket just before 1pm. She suddenly realized that her phone was missing, and, thinking that one of her fellow shoppers might have nabbed it, headed up to the front of the store, where a security officer helped her to call her phone. 

Alas, the thief had turned the stolen smartphone off, so she couldn’t find it. As soon as the victim got home, she told police, she cancelled the credit cards she kept in the small wallet on the back of her phone and called Apple to get them to lock the device. Both cards had already been used.