84th Precinct: Bowls and blows

84th precinct stationhouse
The 84th Precinct stationhouse in Downtown Brooklyn.
Photo by Kirstyn Brendlen


Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Bowls and blows

Two women were arrested on Feb. 2 after allegedly getting into a physical fight at a Downtown Chipotle.

Officers from the 84th precinct said they responded to reports of an ongoing physical altercation at the Fulton Street restaurant shortly after 2 p.m. that afternoon.

Witnesses told cops that the two women caused damage throughout the premises during the altercation, including in the employee only area where one of the women allegedly picked up a knife. Another witness, who was recording the incident on his phone, reported suffering a laceration to his right hand when one of the women was allegedly “waving” the knife around.

The two women, 19 and 20, were arrested on the scene by responding officers.

Landlord scam

A Downtown tenant was scammed out of a month’s rent by a hacker posing as his landlord last month.

The 37-year-old man told cops that on Dec. 21 he was corresponding via email with who he believed was his landlord. The victim was given new instructions on how to pay January’s rent to which he obliged, transfering $1,1430 to the unknown perp online.

On Jan. 29, the tenant filed a police report at the 84th precinct after finding out his real landlord did not receive his rent payment and had not been conversing with him the previous month. The investigation is ongoing.

Cost cutters

Four men are wanted by cops for threatening to stab a sales assistant if they interfered with their shoplifting spree at a Downtown clothing store on Feb. 3.

The staff member at Zumiez on Fulton Street said the four men entered the store at around 6:30 p.m. and began stuffing items of clothing into bags. When approached by the worker, one of the men reportedly said: “I will stab you if you try and stop me. If you touch one of us, I will stab you.”

After taking $280 worth of hoodies and jackets, the four men fled on foot down Fulton Street. Cops said they are checking nearby security cameras as the store’s were not operating at the time of the incident.