84th Precinct: Jerk tries to jack doorman’s phone

84th precinct stationhouse
The 84th Precinct stationhouse in Downtown Brooklyn.
Photo by Kirstyn Brendlen


Brooklyn Heights—DUMBO—Boerum Hill—Downtown

Jerk tries to jack doorman’s phone

Some jerk allegedly attacked the doorman of his Pacific Street apartment building on Dec. 18.

Cops said the victim was sitting at his workstation in the building near 3rd Avenue at about 6:45pm when the baddie walked in and asked to see some security camera footage of a package that had been delivered to the building. When the victim refused to show him the footage, the jerk allegedly grabbed his phone off the desk. The victim retrained the would-be thief in an attempt to get the phone back – and the suspect bit his arm hard enough to break the skin.

The victim managed to get his phone back and call the police, and the alleged attacker was arrested on the scene. Police brought the victim to the hospital with minor injuries. 

MTA worker attacked on train

An MTA worker was attacked as he worked on a train on Dec. 15.

The victim told police he was inside the crew cabin of a subway train stopped at the Jay Street-Metrotech station just before 1pm when he was suddenly punched in the side of the head by an unseen attacker. Before he could react, the brute fled.

Emergency responders brought the employee to The Brooklyn Hospital Center for treatment after he reported dizziness from the incident.


A witness watched an alleged robber emerge from a busted Montague Street storefront in real time on Dec. 14.

Police said the witness was walking near Henry Street at about 1:30am when they heard the sound of glass breaking and spotted a shady figure appearing to case a grocery store. As they stood there, a second alleged thief emerged from the broken doorway, carrying a stolen cash register.

The witness called the police, and joined them on a canvass of the area — where they pointed one of the two thieves out to cops on Cadman Plaza West. Both alleged thieves were arrested, and the stolen cash register was discovered abandoned on Clinton Street. 

Check fished from mailbox

Some creep fished a check out of a Front Street mailbox and deposited it into his own account earlier this month.

The victim dropped the check into the mailbox of his apartment building near Bridge Street on Dec. 5, according to police. On Dec. 13, he was notified by his bank that the check had cleared — but was horrified to see that someone had managed to get the check out of the mailbox, erase the name he had written on it, and cashed a whopping $9,381 into his own account.