Cops nab man for backstabbing acquaintance


Brooklyn Heights–DUMBO–Boerum Hill–Downtown

Metaphor alert!

Cops arrested a man they say stabbed an acquaintance in the back at his Bridge Street home on May 10.
The victim told cops that, near Prospect Street at 11:30 pm, the two got into a fight and the suspect allegedly knifed him from behind.
The victim walked himself to Methodist Hospital for treatment and cops arrived at the scene around 1:10 am and cuffed the suspect on felony assault charges.

Terrible trio

A posse of ne’er-do-wells held up a man at gunpoint on the F-train near York Street station on May 16.
The victim told police that, on the Coney Island-bound train at 8:30 am, two menaces sat down next to him while a third guarded the door, as one of them shook him down.
The man handed over his phone and $60 and the three prowlers bolted out of the train at the Dumbo station, according to police reports.

Hit the road!

A man fought off a would-be carjacker at Pierrepont Street on May 10.
The victim told cops that he left his vehicle parked with his girlfriend in the passenger seat while running into the bank near Cadman Plaza W. at 10:25 am, and while he was out his beau called him saying a criminal was trying to steal the car.
The man ran back and caught the brute in the act, which caused the two to fight it out, before the bandit bolted with the guy’s keys, according to cops.

Double trouble

A pair of thieves ambushed a guy on Albee Square W. on May 14.
The victim told police that, at 8:20 pm near Willoughby Street, the two curs threatened to slash him if he didn’t hand over his phone, before they ran away toward Gold Street.

Bodega brawl

Some goon punched a guy at a Fourth Avenue bodega on May 14.
The victim told police that, at 10:10 pm between Atlantic Avenue and Pacific Street, the fist-flinging nogoodnik socked him in the face and fled on a bike toward Atlantic Avenue.

Hot case!

Looters raided a Front Street taco restaurant on the night of May 14.
The victims told police that, near Pearl Street and between 10 pm–11 am the next morning, the purloiners got in through the side door and took the cash register, tip jar, and a tablet.