Gunman nabs man’s gold teeth, jewelry


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Chewed out

An armed bandit stole a man’s gold teeth and jewelry inside a car on Carlton Avenue on Aug. 1.

The victim told police that the crook hopped into the vehicle while wielding a gun between Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue at 11:45 pm, before grabbing the victim’s gold teeth, ring, and cash.

Hungry like the teens

Cops arrested two teenage boys for allegedly ambushing a food delivery worker at Steuben Street on Aug. 9.

The victim told police that eight teens between the ages of 13 and 15 smacked him to the ground with a traffic cone between Myrtle and Park avenues at 3:30 pm, before one of the suspects snatched the victim’s food.  

Police arrested two of the alleged bandits — including a 14-year-old and a 15-year-old boy — 15 minutes later on felony robbery charges in connection with the incident, according to police reports. 

Violent visit

A knife-wielding brute attacked his ex-girlfriend at her Cumberland Walk apartment on Aug. 3.

The victim told police that the lout broke into the apartment and lunged at her with a kitchen knife between Myrtle and Park avenues at 10 pm, before hitting and strangling her. 

Overnight raid

A looter ransacked a Fulton Street cafe on the night of August 4.

Employees told police that the burglar busted a side window with a brick at the eatery near S. Oxford Street overnight, before grabbing $2,500 in cash from a drawer and making a run for it.