Knife-wielding malcontent robs ex-girlfriend in Fort Greene


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Domestic robbery

Some scumbag robbed his ex-girlfriend at knifepoint in her Hudson Walk apartment on May 5.

The victim told police that her former beau took $600 from her purse and a Playstation headset near Myrtle Avenue at 8 pm while pointing a blade at her.

Sticky situation

Police arrested a man they allege attacked a man with a stick on Fort Greene Place on May 8.

The victim told police that the suspect took his bag between Fulton Street and Dekalb Avenue at 6:20 pm, and when the victim confronted him, the perp took a wooden stick and smacked him in the hand.

Police arrested the man on the scene at 6:45 pm and slapped him with felony assault charges.

Boom box

Police cuffed a woman they suspect of attacking a pregnant woman with her loudspeakers at Atlantic Terminal on May 5.

The victim told police that she was arguing with the suspect about the Beats Pill speakers being too loud when the perp got upset and allegedly grabbed the offending object and hit her in the face with it at around 7:40 pm — even though the victim was eight months pregnant.

Police arrested the woman around 8:30 pm at her Carlton Avenue home near Atlantic Avenue and slapped her with felony assault charges.

Not so fast!

A man caught a burglar red-handed trying to get into his Lafayette Avenue home on May 6.

The victim told police that he heard a noise at his door near S. Oxford Street at midnight and when he went to check, he saw the marauder trying to get through the mesh wire of the entrance.

When the invader noticed the man, he fled the scene, cops said.

Clean swipe!

A scoundrel stole $3,000-worth of clothes from a dryer at a Putnam Avenue laundromat on May 3.

The victim told police that she left her clothes in the dryer at Cambridge Place around 9 am and at 12:30 am at night she returned and found someone had taken it.

Bike bandit

Some thief nabbed two bikes from an Irving Place building between May 3-5.

The victim told police that the looter took the pair of two-wheelers from the building’s basement common area between Gates and Putnam avenues. 


Police arrested a man they suspect stole a man’s car on Classon Avenue and took it for a ride to East New York on May 7.

The victim told police he left his car with keys in the ignition with the engine running at the corner of Putnam Avenue at 12:40 am when the thief hopped in and sped away.

Police found the car on Granville Payne and Stanley avenues around 2:10 and arrested the suspect on grand larceny charges.

The thief and the furious

A nogoodnik stole a woman’s car at St. Edwards Street on May 6.

The victim told police that she went to work at 6:30 am and when she got back to her four-wheeler at 3:15 pm, it was gone from between Myrtle and Park avenues.