Cons rob convenience store


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Cons rob convenience store

A couple of jerks robbed a smoke and convenience shop on Hanson Place on Oct. 29.

The store’s owner told police the marauders entered the store with baseball bats just before 3 p.m and stole more than $4,000 in cash from the register and a selection of items, though he has to take inventory before he knows what was stolen and how much it is worth.

Scooter smash

A bozo used his daughter’s scooter to injure his girlfriend on Elliot Walk on Oct. 24.

The victim told police the lout allegedly hit her with the scooter near Myrtle Avenue around 6pm, injuring her left arm and right hand. She took herself to the hospital for her injuries and called police from there.

Officers later arrested the man near his home.

Stolen check cashed

Some jerk reproduced a check and cashed it into their own account on Oct. 21.

Police said the victim was notified by Chase Bank that at some point that day, someone had cashed a check she had apparently written for more than $9,000 at a Chase location in Manhattan — miles away from her Clinton Hill home. Chase provided the name written on the back of the illicit check, and officers are investigating.

Gone fishing

A thief managed to sneak a check out of a Clinton Avenue mailbox and changed the details sometime after Oct. 8.

The victim told police he wrote a check to his insurance company and dropped it in the mailbox on the corner of Lafayette Avenue. On Oct. 22, he noticed the check had been altered – from a $250 payment to more than $5,000 — and deposited in a stranger’s bank account.

Missing work computer

A purloiner broke into a car parked on Elliot Place on Oct. 30.

The victim said she parked the car on the corner of Hanson Place at 11:20 am and left it there for about 20 minutes. When she got back, the sneak had gotten into the trunk of her car and stolen her handbag and some clothes, Apple headphones, and, worst of all, her work laptop – on loan from the United Nations. All together, the stolen property was worth just over $3,000.

Wegman’s worm

A worm nabbed a shopper’s wallet and cell phone as she shopped at the Flushing Avenue Wegman’s on Oct. 31.

Police said the woman had placed her cell phone and wallet, which are attached, in the cart while she was grocery shopping between 4:15 and 5pm. At some point, someone reached in unnoticed and took the bundle, which included her debit card, driver’s license, and MetroCards. 


A clever thief stole a 2011 Volkswagon that was parked on Park Avenue on Oct. 23.

The victim told police she parked and locked the car at the corner of Waverly Avenue at about 9 a.m. and returned to an empty parking spot 12 hours later. She said she has the only set of keys, and there was no broken glass to indicate a busted window on the street, and officers found no trace of the car when they searched the area.

Ford tough luck

A filcher stole a 2011 Ford from its spot on Grand Avenue on Oct. 27.

The victim parked the car near Park Avenue that morning and was without a car by just after 4pm. Cops checked their license plate recognition software and saw that the car had last been spotted in Park Slope on the evening of Oct. 27 — miles away from its rightful owner.

Fob filched

A marauder found an easy target on Fort Greene Place on Oct. 31 — an unlocked Mercedes with the key fob left inside.

The victim told police she parked the car near Fulton Street for just a few minutes at around 7pm — but it was enough time for the thief to open the door and drive off. An officer later found the vehicle parked in Marine Park and had it towed to a nearby lot for safekeeping while she notified the 88th precinct.