Jerks grab camera lens

88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

88th Precinct

Fort Greene — Clinton Hill

Jerks grab camera lens

A couple of jerks attacked a woman and stole her camera lens on Grand Avenue on May 28.

The victim told police she was grabbing her fancy camera lens from her car near Flushing Avenue just before midnight when she was rushed by the pair of louts, who pushed her to the ground, pulled the lens from her hand, and fled.

Fake cop robs apartment

Some fraud pretending to be a police officer shoved his way into a Quincy Street apartment on May 29.

Police said the imposter knocked on the door of the victim’s home near Classon Avenue and announced himself as a police officer at around 1pm. When the victim opened the door, the invader pushed his way in, pulled her cell phone from her hand after a fight, and ran off. Cops searched the area following the break-in but couldn’t find the creep.

Playground attack

A brute attacked a woman and the child she was babysitting at Washington Hall Park on May 25.

The victim told police she was leaving the playground near Park Avenue and Hall Street at about 7pm when a stranger allegedly came up behind her and started hitting her and her babysittee with a long metal bar, injuring the back of her head, her left arm, and her left hand and the child’s left arm. Cops found and arrested the alleged assailant later that evening.

Emergency responders took the babysitter to NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital with heavy bleeding and swelling.

Smoke-craving sneak robs bodega

Some sneak craving a smoke stole a bunch of cigarettes from a Lafayette Avenue bodega on May 21.

Police said the thief strolled into the Stop 1 Deli near Grand Avenue at around 4:45 and headed right to the back of the store, opened a locked door to the storage room, and loaded up on cash and multiple cartons of cigarettes, all told worth more than $10,000. The jerk left the store and was caught on camera heading southbound on Grand Avenue.