88th Precinct: Bandits rob deliveryman

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Bandits rob deliveryman

A pair of bandits robbed a deliveryman as he worked on Fulton Street on Jan. 16.

Police said the victim was making a delivery near Adelphi Street just after 9pm when two men approached him and asked if he had any change. As he rummaged for the money, one of the jerks grabbed him while the other delved into his pockets and grabbed about $100 in cash, an iPhone 11, and the food the victim was trying to deliver. When the deliveryman screamed, one of the robbers simulated a firearm, then pushed him to the ground. 

Rideshare passenger assaults woman

Some creep assaulted a woman in a rideshare vehicle on DeKalb Avenue on Jan. 18.

The victim told police she hopped in a shared vehicle on her way to a medical appointment at The Brooklyn Hospital Center near Willoughby Avenue early that morning. Another passenger was already in the vehicle when she was picked up at her home, and spent the entire ride angry and cursing, she said. When they finally arrived at the hospital and she prepared to step out, the creep hit her in the back of the head with a wooden stick. 

The victim was not seriously injured and refused medical attention from emergency responders. 

Creep breaks into former workplace

A former restaurant employee allegedly broke into his old workplace on Fulton Street just to walk around on Jan. 18.

Camera footage captured the sneak disarming the front gate of the restaurant near Vanderbilt Avenue and pushing through the unlocked front door, according to police. Once inside, though, the punk just wandered around for a few minutes, and even dipped behind the counter, but did not steal anything, and left peacefully after about ten minutes. 

The man was later arrested.

Thief steals cash from closed eatery

Some thief broke into a Myrtle Avenue eatery and stole a wad of cash on Jan. 19.

Cops said the baddie broke open the gate at Grace Kitchen near Emerson Place at about 4:30am, then broke the glass door and slipped inside while a second perp stood watch on the sidewalk. Once inside, the jerk grabbed a cash drawer behind the counter and swiftly fled with his counterpart. Police believe the thief was wearing gloves during the break-in. 

Maintenance mischief

Some maintenance workers allegedly stole a necklace from an Emerson Place home on Jan. 12.

The victim said her son returned to their home near Willoughby Avenue after work at about 3:30pm and notice that a gold chain, worth about $2,000, was missing from his dresser. The apartment had been locked up during the day, but maintenance workers had been making repairs in the apartment, and the victim believed they had entered her son’s room without permission.