88th Precinct: Police interrupt break-in in progress

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Police interrupt break-in in progress

Cops interrupted a crook as he attempted to break into a Washington Avenue apartment building on Dec. 20.

Officers received a call about a burglary in process near Gates Avenue just after 9pm and discovered a man standing at the front door of an apartment building trying to jimmy open the lock with a “slim object. As the policeman approached, the alleged robber reportedly dropped the object and complied with all orders.

The alleged housebreaker on the scene. 

Violent sidewalk mugging

A man was mugged as he walked on South Elliott Place on Dec. 21.

The victim told police he was walking toward DeKalb Avenue at about 8pm when two marauders approached him from behind, repeatedly demanding he hand over his property. One of the perps threatened the victim with a long kitchen knife as he and his crony grabbed the victim’s backpack — which contained his Apple iPhone, credit cards, cash, and drivers license — and took off.

Officers later discovered the backpack abandoned near DeKalb Avenue, and the victim received notice that his credit cards were being used unlawfully by the thieves.

Brutes beat woman

Two brutes beat up a woman as she attempted to enter her apartment building on Monument Walk on Dec. 17.

Police said the victim was headed toward her home near St. Edwards Street at about 3:30am when a strange man grabbed her and started punching her in the face before a second violent perp came over and held her arms down so she could not defend herself. The first perp — and a third unknown man — continued to punch and kick the victim, and even pulled a knife — but the group were scared off when a neighbor exited the apartment building.

The victim was treated for bruising and a fractured eye socket at a local hospital. 

Housebreaker steals items — and a getaway car

A housebreaker stole a man’s personal items and his car on Washington Avenue on Dec. 20.

The victim told cops that a strange man entered his apartment building near DeKalb Avenue sometime between 7pm and 8pm and grabbed his wallet and a check from outside his apartment door. Items in hand, the perp headed out to the street, hopped into a nearby vehicle, and took off.

Police later recovered the car, undamaged and unoccupied, in Crown Heights.