Bleach attack

88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Bleach attack

Some jerk threw bleach at a passerby on Tillary Street on June 21.

Police said the victim was walking near Prince Street at around 3pm when the stranger tossed liquid that smelled like bleach and caused burning into his eyes, then ran off.

Sneak swipes charging cord

A sneak allegedly tried to steal a USB charing cord from a Vanderbilt Avenue apartment building on June 20.

Cops received a report of a burglary near Gates Avenue just before midnight and allegedly found the suspect in the lobby of the apartment building holding the stolen USB cord. The jerk had used a tool to forcibly enter the building, a witness said.

The charging cable was returned to its owner and the suspect was arrested on the scene.

Lottery ticket louts rob woman

A pair of louts tricked a woman and robbed her on S Portland Avenue on June 23.

The victim told police two women approached her as she walked down Hanson Place at 4:30pm. The rogues said they had a winning lottery ticket and offered to sell it to her, but the victim didn’t have any money on her – but she offered to pay with valuable jewelry she had in her apartment. She invited the pair to follow her home, where she handed over the jewels and a bill with her name on it to prove her identity — then watched as the women turned and fled with her jewelry, the bill, and their lotto ticket.

Worm filches FDNY uniform

Some worm slipped into a firehouse on N Portland Avenue on June 13 and stole equipment.

Cops said the thief entered the facility near Auburn Place sometime between 7pm on June 13 and 7am the next morning and managed to sneak out with an FDNY uniform – pants, a coat, helmet and gloves, worth more than $1,000. There were no cameras on-site, according to the victim, and the facility is usually open to the public.

Pickpocket at the party

A pickpocket stole a host of personal property out of a woman’s purse while she was at a party at a Flushing Avenue bar on June 26.

The victim told police she looked down at her purse at around 3:30 am while she was hanging out at an event space near N Portland Avenue and realized a sneak thief had swiped her iPhone 12, Louis Vuitton Wallet with credit cards, $250 in cash, and a Sephora gift card — together worth more than $2,300.