Gunman shoots teenager in the abdomen


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Teen takeout

A gunman shot a teen at Park Avenue on July 31.

The 17-year-old victim told police that he was shot in the abdomen when he got out of his car at N. Elliott Place at 1 am. 

The victim ran away for one block before collapsing. Paramedics rushed the man to Methodist Hospital for treatment, according to police reports. 

Time out!

A brute threw a rock at an employee of a Fort Greene Place school on July 28.

The victim told police that he tried to escort the man off of school property at Dekalb Avenue at 6:10 am when the lout launched the rock at him, hitting him in the ankle.

Steal n’ slash

Police arrested a man for allegedly stabbing a woman after stealing her phone on N. Oxford Walk on July 28.

The victim told police that the suspect stole her phone, and she was trying to get it back between Myrtle and Park avenues just after 6 pm, but the man allegedly stabbed her with a kitchen knife several times. 

Police arrested the man shortly after the incident, according to police reports.


Cops cuffed a teen for allegedly hitting a store employee with a cane on Flatbush Avenue Ext. on July 29.

The victim told cops that the worker pushed the 17-year-old suspect out of the store at Fulton Street at 1:10 am during an argument, and the man then allegedly hit him in the head with the stick.

Cops arrived at the scene and arrested the young man on felony assault charges, according to police reports. 

Looted on a leak

A sneak thief raided a guy’s car while he was in the bathroom on Navy Street on July 27.

The victim told police that he left his vehicle with the engine running and window open at Park Avenue at 9:30 am to relieve himself at a nearby porta potty, but when he came back he saw that someone had swiped two of his bags.