Brute pepper sprays man over parking spot


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Parking trouble

A brute allegedly pepper sprayed a man for parking in his Waverly Avenue driveway on July 12.

The victim told police that the chemical-welding baddie confronted him for leaving his car in the suspect’s parking spot near Myrtle Avenue at around noon, before he unleashed the spray and hit the victim with a metal rod. 

Biker baddies 

Two bandits assaulted a cyclist before stealing his two-wheeler on Cumberland Walk on July 14. 

The victim told police that the pilfers brutally knocked him off the bike near the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway at around 10:30 am, before pedaling off. 

Police later found the bike nearby, but the perps were nowhere to be found, according to police. 

 Domestic indecent

Cops cuffed a man for allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend, before stealing her phone from her Cumberland Walk apartment on July 17.

The victim told police that her ex allegedly came into her apartment near Carlton Avenue at around midnight, before choking and hitting her, and snatching her call phone. 

Police picked up the man and hit him with a slew of charges the following day, according to police. 

Broomstick brute

Police nabbed a man for allegedly hitting an acquaintance with a broomstick, before brutally assaulting her at her Fulton Street home on July 14.  

The victim told police that the suspect hit her with the stick near Carlton Avenue at around 10 am, before throwing her on the ground and choking her. 

Paramedics took the woman to Brooklyn Hospital, and cops cuffed the man later that day, according to police. 

Elder assault

A bruiser violently assaulted an older man on Greene Avenue on July 16. 

The victim told police that the unknown individual drove up on a black moped and pushed him to the ground near Waverly Avenue at around 2 pm, before scooting off. 

Dick and pains 

Pirates broke into Dick and Jane’s Bar and stole cash from the Adelphi Street watering hole on July 14. 

Employees told police that the invaders got into the bar near Dekalb Avenue at around 7 am through an unlocked window, before stealing $333.62 and a number of blank checks. 

Spray paint perp

Cops arrested an alleged vandal for attempting to paint graffiti at a Classon Avenue business on July 16. 

A security guard allegedly saw the man holding two spray paint cans near the establishment at Park Avenue at around 1:30 am and called the cops.

Police picked up the man and cuffed him for a slew of charges, according to police. 

Air BnBaddie

A cybercriminal swindled over $11,000 from a Clinton Avenue man on July 1. 

The victim told police that the crook got access to his Chase mobile app and racked up thousands of charges on AirBnB.