Rogue slashes man’s face on subway


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Subway slasher

A villain slashed a guy’s face at the Lafayette Avenue C train stop on May 19.

The victim told cops that, on the Manhattan-bound platform near S. Portland Avenue, the wretch stabbed him in the side of his mouth with a knife and fled toward S. Oxford Street. 


Some scumbag stabbed a guy on Fleet Walk in the early hours of May 21. 

The victim told cops that, near Prince Street at 12:30 am, the knave waltzed up and pierced his chest. 

A bus brought the victim to Methodist Hospital for treatment of his non-life-threatening wounds, according to the authorities. 


A group of goons held up a deliveryman at Quincy Street on May 18.

The victim told cops that, between Downing Street and Classon Avenue at 9:20 pm, the toughs put him in a chokehold while one punk took his phone, before both perps fled toward Lexington Avenue. 


Looters ransacked a Waverly Avenue woman’s home on May 16.

The victim told police that the raiders, caught on camera, busted her padlock and pried open her door, before taking a camera set, shoe box, a box of cigars, and a safe full of money between Myrtle and Park avenues at 1:40 am. 

Boot loot

Some bandit made a killing stealing almost $100,000-worth of jewelry from a woman’s car on Myrtle Avenue on May 17. 

The victim told cops that she parked her car between Grand Avenue and Steuben Street just before 10 am and when she came back 45 minutes later found that someone had taken a bunch of diamond and gold rings and necklaces from her trunk. 

Nearby surveillance footage showed a guy taking a bag with the valuable rocks and fleeing toward Park Avenue on Steuben Street in a car.