A bandit steals vehicle from outside victim’s home

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Living off a prayer 

A bandit stole a vehicle that was left running and unlocked outside of a 68th Street home on Jan. 22. 

The victim told police she started the car to warm it up and then went back into her house between 15th and 16th avenues to pray around 6:30 am and returned outside to find her car gone. It was later scanned going across the Verrazzano Bridge. 


An intoxicated ruffian smashed a window at Kings Highway social club with a hammer after being asked to leave on Jan. 18. 

After breaking the window, an employee chased the brute from the bar between W. 7th and W. 8th streets and the lout was trying to hit the employee with the hammer around 1:48 am before the vandal’s friend got out of a car and punched the employee in the face. 


Two men were arguing about a parking spot on 68th Street when one of them pulled out a golf club on Jan. 18. 

The victim told police the good-for-nothing then hit him in the eye with the golf club at the intersection of 17th Avenue around 4:10 pm before fleeing.