Bold brute threatens stranger with boxcutter

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Wallet walk-offs

A pair of thieves stole a wallet stocked with credit cards from a man walking on Adelphi Street on Dec. 13.

Police said the victim was walking toward his car near Greene Avenue just before 10pm when two teenagers wearing surgical masks walked up and demanded his wallet. He handed over the bifold, which contained multiple credit cards, his drivers license, and his job identification, and the duo ran away.

First they’re sour

Some punk stole candy from a Fulton Avenue Ext. 7/11 on Dec. 16.

It was just about 11pm when the sweet-toothed swiper entered the store near Fulton Street and filled his pockets with Sour Patch Kids, Twix bars, Reeses Cups and more, police said. When the victim ran out of the store to try to recoup the merchandise, the thief flashed a knife and kept running.

Amazon ama-gone

A marauder stole a whole cart of soon-to-be delivered Amazon packages from a Monument Walk lobby on Dec. 18.

Police said the victim was delivering packages in a building near Navy Street at about 2pm when the crook walked up to him with a small black gun and told him to “stay here,” on the tenth floor of the building while he ran downstairs. When the deliveryman went down to the lobby, where he had left his cart, full of 19 packages, it was gone. He searched the building and found the cart, empty of packages, a few floors up.

Sidewalk strike

Three bruisers attacked a man while he was panhandling on Park Avenue on Dec. 16.

The victim told police he was at the corner of Cumberland Street at about 5pm when two men and a woman approached him and started attacking him with a bat, leaving him with bruises and lacerations on his head and face. After the assault, he walked to a nearby train station and boarded the A train.

Officers found the victim at a nearby station and took him to Lutheran Hospital for treatment.

Prince Street punching bag

Some brute assaulted a random passerby on Prince Street on Dec. 17.

Police said the victim was near Tillary Street when a stranger approached him and started punching him — then, used something sharp to cut his head, causing a laceration.

Officers took the victim to the Interfaith Medical Center.

Apartment invader apprehended

Police arrested a man who allegedly snuck into a Washington Avenue apartment building on Dec. 19.

The victim said he watched the man slip in the front door of the building near Greene Street behind a delivery driver, scoop up some newly-delivered clothes and toys, and run up the stairs. He called the police, who searched the building and found the would-be thief on the top floor with his arms full of goodies.

Officers arrested the man on the scene.

Apple of your eye

An unattended iPhone 12 Pro Max was swiped from a Lafayette Avenue apartment on Dec. 13.

Police said the victim set his phone down for about 15 minutes in his building’s lobby near Dekalb Avenue and walked away — and in that 15 minutes, the phone walked away too.


A virtual good-for-nothing sent threatening text messages to a Monument Walk resident on Dec. 14.

The victim said he matched with the scoundrel on a dating app, and obliged a few times when the would-be love interest asked for money for gas. When the victim said no one morning, the rogue threatened to come cause him physical harm, he called police for backup.

Boxcutter standoff

A bold brute threatened a man with a boxcutter on Fulton Street on Dec. 30.

Police said the victim was walking near Grand Avenue at about 8pm when the baddie approached with his hand inside his pocket, implying that he had a gun, and told the him to hand over his wallet. The victim shoved the perp, who pulled a boxcutter from his pocket, flashed it, and then decided to flee.

Cigarette swiper

A cranky smoker threatened a Flatbush Avenue convenience store clerk on Dec. 31.

The victim said the thief entered the store near Fulton Street at about 2:30 pm and tried to return a carton of Newport cigarettes he had purchased out of state. When the clerk explained he couldn’t take the carton back and showed him a box of cigarettes with a New York tax stamp, the knave grabbed the box from his hand, picked up a can of Red Bull, and tried to run out of the store without paying.

The fast-acting cashier locked the door, but the smoky snake pulled a gun, convincing him to let him out onto Flatbush Avenue, where he ran off.

Rogue relative bashes bottle

The holidays can be stressful, and one Monument Walk resident took it out on his family on Dec. 29.

It was just before 6am when the bruiser allegedly broke a bottle over his relative’s head, police said, leaving behind a deep gash.

Officers arrested the bottle-breaker on multiple charges a few days later.


A pair of friends likely turned enemies after one of the women allegedly hit her friend in the face on Tillary Street on Dec. 30.

Following an argument near Prince Street at about 4:30 pm, the ruffian swung at her pal with a metal lock, causing a minor injury.

Police arrested the woman on assault charges on the scene.

Thieves sneak in over Christmas break

A sneak made off with thousands of dollars of construction materials while the crew was away from the Vanderbilt Avenue site from Dec. 23 to 27.

Police said the victim was sure to lock up the door on the vacant home near Lafayette Avenue when he left at about 4:30pm on Dec. 23. Even so, when he returned early in the morning of Dec. 27, after a relaxing holiday break, the padlock and chain had been removed and more than $4,00o of equipment including drills, batteries, and demolition hammers.

Violent ex attempts breakin

An angry ex-boyfriend allegedly tried to break into his former partner’s apartment on Lefferts Place on Dec. 29.

The victim said the knave arrived at her apartment near Classon Avenue with a knife at about 1:30 am. She was able to hold him off until police came by using a screwdriver to keep the door closed while the man shouted threats at her.

Officers arrested the ex on multiple charges when they arrived on scene.

Construction site con

Some lout broke the chain on a construction site on St. Felix Street on the night of Dec. 29 and stole more than $100,000 worth of equipment.

Police said the victim had locked up the worksite near Hanson Place when he left at about 3pm. Sometime between then and his return the following morning, someone snipped the lock and used the excavator machine to collect everything he could find and hauled it away without a trace.

The gift of package theft

A sneak made off with a package of designer garments on Ryerson Street on Dec. 29.

The victim got a notification that the package, which contained a Balenciaga jacket and hoodie and two pairs of Nike sneakers, had been delivered to the lobby of his building near Myrtle Avenue at about 10:40 am. When he made his way down about a half hour later, police said, the promised package was nowhere to be found.

Getir bikes here

Some rapid rapscallion stole an electric bicycle that was left briefly on Oxford Walk on Dec. 30.

A courier for the grocery delivery service Getir left the bike, which is owned by the company, on the sidewalk on the corner of Myrtle Avenue for just a few minutes at about 4pm while he dropped off the order. Those few minutes were enough time for someone to hop onto the unlocked bicycle, which is worth about $1,500, and drive off.