Clean-faced crook

88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Clean-faced crook

A thief swiped a bunch of cleansers from a Myrtle Avenue store on June 26.

Police said the lout entered the Walgreens near Clermont Avenue just after 8am and tossed multiple bottles of facewash and a Bic lighter into a bag. When an employee approached the thief, he pulled a black Swiss Army knife and threatened to stab the worker, then fled down Myrtle Avenue with his bounty.

Shelter assault

A jerk allegedly attacked a man at a homeless shelter on Clermont Avenue on June 24.

The victim told police the alleged assailant punched him in the mouth at the shelter near Park Avenue at around 2am, then wrapped his hands around the victim’s neck until he briefly passed out.

Cops arrested the attacker on the scene.

Marauder breaks into restaurant

Some thief broke into a Myrtle Avenue restaurant and stole the entire cash register on June 25.

Cops said an employee arrived at Thai 101 near Washington Avenue that morning and realized the glass in the front door had been shattered with a fire hydrant cap. Inside, she realized the entire register had been stolen with $450 in cash inside. Camera footage captured the thief busting into the restaurant just before 4am.

Sofa scoundrel

A scoundrel stole a sofa that was left in a Fulton Street apartment building hallway on June 23.

The victim told police she had a Castley sofa delivered to her apartment late that evening and couldn’t fit it through the front door of her apartment, so she left it in the hallway of the building near St. James Place overnight. At 6:30 the next morning, she realized someone had slipped in and stolen the sofa while she slept.

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