Daycare dirtbag

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Daycare dirtbag

A dirtbag broke into a Grand Avenue daycare facility on June 14.

Police said the jerk jammed the front door of the Clinton Hill JCC near Green Avenue just after 3am by jamming the front door. Once inside, the thief stoke Linovo laptops, cash, and a guitar, worth nearly $1,500 in total. Security cameras caught the thief fleeing on Grand Avenue.

Marauder loots truck

A marauder broke into a truck parked on Flatbush Avenue Extension on June 18.

Police said the truck was stopped outside Beckemberg’s Alteration Shop about noon when some jerk opened the doors, hopped inside, and grabbed suits, hats, polo shirts, and a suitcase, all worth more than $1,700.

Citibike burglar

A thief snatched two Citibikes from a Fulton Street bike rack on June 18.

The victim told police she left the bikes unlocked in a bike rack near Rockwell Place for about 15 minutes — when she returned, the rack was empty. Cameras caught three different people nabbing the bikes within a few minutes of each other and riding off.

Drive-by carjacking

A jerk attacked a passing car on Navy Street and stole it while the driver was distracted on June 17.

Police said the victim was turning onto Myrtle Avenue at 8:35pm when she heard a noise outside her vehicle. She stopped and hopped out of the car to check for damage — and the thief took advantage of the open door and empty driver’s seat to hop in and speed off. 

Cops recovered the vehicle parked, with its license plates removed, at the corner of Pennsylvania and Livonia avenues on June 20.