Early morning apartment break-in

88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

88th Precinct

Fort Greene—Clinton Hill

Early morning apartment break-in

Some jerk snuck into a Grand Avenue apartment and nabbed a bunch of personal belongings on May 10.

The victim told police the thief entered her home near Gates Avenue just before 4 am and pocketed her purse, Amazon Kindle, earrings, an Apple iPad, and her wallet, all in all worth almost $4,000. Cops searched the area after the break-in, but the sneak had disappeared.

Marauders on motorcycles

A pair of marauders stole four motorcycles and electric bicycles from a Washington Avenue parking garage on May 11.

Police said one victim discovered that the bike was missing from its assigned spot in the garage near Park Avenue that morning. When he reviewed the security footage, he saw the two thieves wheeling the motorcycle away at about 5 am. Three additional victims later reported that their motorcycles and e-bikes had been stolen from the same location. 

Worms on Waverly

Some worms broke into a Waverly Avenue supermarket on May 12.

The victim told police that security footage showed two sneaks using a tool to break into the Waverly Urban Market near Greene Avenue at 2:30 am. The pair made their way to the second floor, where they grabbed something from an office before fleeing, though the victim wasn’t sure exactly what the jerks stole.

Grocery store grabbers

Two thieves broke into a Fulton Street grocery store on May 12, but were unsuccessful in their attempts to steal anything.

Police said the two louts were caught on camera breaking the glass at the bottom of the front door of Wholesome Farms Market near Vanderbilt Avenue at around 4:40 am. The earlybirds slipped into the building and tried to get into the cash register and the ATM, but were unsuccessful in cracking open either machine and left emptyhanded.

Crook at the Country House Diner

Some crook broke into the Country House Diner on Fulton Street on May 12.

The victim told police he had closed and locked the restaurant at around 2 am before he headed home. A few hours later, a sharp-eyed witness saw that the glass on the front door had been shattered and pushed inside. The witness alerted the owner, who discovered that the burglar had stolen $800 in cash from the register and had broken the ATM in an attempt to swipe even more cash. 

Electric scooter stolen from vestibule

A thief broke into a Fulton Street vestibule and stole a pricey electric scooter on May 12.

Cops said the victim had left her Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11, worth about $4,000, parked in the locked vestibule of her apartment building near Clinton Avenue on the evening of May 11. Early the next morning, someone managed to break open the latch on the door and ride away. The victim and police tracked the scooter to the intersection of Graham and Meserole avenues later that day, where cops found the scooter in the possession of a man wearing a hoodie and a face mask, who ran off immediately after laying eyes on the police.