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Jewish crêpes?

Shlomi finishes off a French-style Kosher crêpe at the new CreParis.
The Brooklyn Paper / Tom Callan

Can a French delicacy — made by an Israeli — make it on Downtown’s meanest street?

A man named Shlomi, part owner of the four-week-old CreParis on Willoughby Street, certainly hopes so. But even he isn’t sure.

“The people who walk in off the street don’t know what a crêpe is,” said Shlomi, who did not want to give his last name. “It is just a matter of time and they’ll learn.”

The problems of Willoughby Street run deeper than the lack of knowledge of thin French pancakes. Even as Downtown booms all around it, Willoughby remains a rundown business district with more and more establishments getting the heave hoe.

The owners of CreParis, both born in Israel both named Shlomi and both reluctant to give their last names, moved to Brooklyn a year ago with an idea of bringing the French treat to a Kosher-only audience.

“I love crêpes,” said Shlomi. “In Israel, they’re very popular.”

The partners chose Downtown because of its high number of Kosher-keeping workers.

“There’s a big Jewish community that walks around here,” Shlomi said. “We are a Kosher place, so of course they’ll come here.”

CreParis (44 Willoughby St., at Jay). (718) 422-7882. Closed Saturday.

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