Purse-snatcher attacks on Putnam Avenue

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

88th Precinct

Clinton Hill-Fort Greene

Putnam Avenue purse-snatcher

A marauder snatched a woman’s purse as she waited outside a Putnam Avenue home on April 18. 

Police said the victim set her bag down on the steps of her girlfriend’s apartment building near Irving Place while she waited for her at about 5 pm. She was facing away from the street when a stranger suddenly came up behind her, grabbed the bag, and ran. The victim started to chase the thief, but he pulled out a knife and scared her away.

Bandit breaks in for energy drinks

A bandit allegedly broke into a Fulton Street apartment building on April 21 and stole an energy drink.

The victim said the jerk forced his way through the front door of the building at about 1 am and grabbed some HiBall energy drinks. A witness pointed the thief out to police on Fulton Street, and camera footage confirmed the suspect’s identity.

Liquor store burglary

Some lout stole three bottles of alcohol from a Clinton Place store on April 22.

Police said the sneak broke into the store at the corner of Grand Avenue by throwing a rock through the glass side door of the building and stocked up on three bottles of pricey liquor before running back out to the street. Security cameras recorded the entire event.

Cards stolen at hospital

A jerk stole credit cards and a state ID from a DeKalb Avenue hospital on April 13.

The victim left her items unattended in a common area at The Brooklyn Hospital Center near Ashland Place and realized later that someone had swiped her stuff, but decided not to pursue the suspect or press charges.

Withdrawal weasel

A weasel used a duplicate debit card to withdraw cash from a Myrtle Avenue ATM on April 13.

The victim told police he got a notification from his bank that someone had used a dupe of his debit card to take $340 in total from his account at about 4 pm. The original debit card was still tucked safely in the victim’s wallet at the time.

Baddie steals BMW

A baddie drove off in a stolen BMW on Fulton Street on April 23.

Police said the victim left the vehicle parked and running at the corner of Hudson Avenue for a few minutes just after midnight, but, as he was walking back to the car, saw it speeding off down the street. Cops searched the area without luck, but later found the stolen car sitting at a gas station nearby.

Crook cuts chain on scooter

Some crook clipped the chain on a motor scooter parked on Lafayette Avenue and drove off on April 21.

The victim locked up the scooter on the sidewalk near Grand Avenue at about 5 am, and when he was ready to ride again 12 hours later, discovered the broken lock and a missing scooter. There was no sign of the vehicle or the thief.