Roving rolex robbery

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house.
Photo by Stefano Giovannini

88th Precinct

Clinton Hill-Fort Greene

Roving Rolex robbery

A pair of roving robbers forcibly stole a Rolex watch and more from someone walking on Cumberland Street on March 21. 

Police said the victim was walking toward Fulton Street with two friends at about 10pm when two men in dark clothes approached them. One, wearing a ski mask and simulating a weapon in his pocket, demanded the victim’s wallet and watch. He handed them over and the two thieves ran off, leaving the trio unharmed.

Stabbing attack

A woman allegedly stabbed a man on Prince Street on March 21.

Police said the alleged brute held the victim down near Tillary Street and stabbed him multiple times just after 11pm, leaving him with slashes on his back and left hand. 

Cops arrested the bruiser on the scene.

Stranger danger

Some tough attacked a stranger during an argument on Fort Greene Place on March 23.

Police said the victim started arguing with the unknown jerk near Fulton Street just before 3pm. In the midst of their altercation, the attacker hit the victim in the head with a spindle, scratching his face and forehead.

The victim was brought to NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital for treatment.

Former employee gets revenge

A former employee allegedly broke into a Fulton Street restaurant on March 22.

The victim told police the bandit had come into the store during the day and went behind the counter, but didn’t cause any trouble. At about 1am the following day, though, the ruffian returned to the restaurant near Vanderbilt Avenue and managed to disarm the closed gate before busting open the cash register and grabbing $200 in cash, plus a check. The damaged cash register was worth about $2,000.

Cops arrested the thief later that evening.

Gym locker looter

Some sneak stole a suitcase from a gym locker at a Fulton Street gym on March 15.

The victim told police he left a suitcase filled with designer sneakers and clothes in an unlocked gym locker for a few hours while he worked out at a fitness center near St. Felix Street. When he finished pumping iron, the suitcase was still in the locker, but it had been opened and everything inside stolen.

A pricey package, purloined

A purloiner grabbed some expensive packages from a Gates Avenue stoop on March 23.

Police said the victim got a notification that some new jackets she had ordered had been delivered to her front door near Waverly Avenue at about 11:40 am, but when she had a moment to head downstairs 40 minutes later, the steps were bare. 

Bicycle be-gone

A sneak-thief lifted an electric bicycle from a Clermont Avenue sidewalk sometime between March 23 and 25.

The victim told police he chained the Super 73 Rx bike in front of his home near Lafayette Avenue at about 10pm on March 23. At about 8am on March 25, he headed out to grab the bike – only to find an empty space where it had been parked. Surveillance footage showed an unknown person walking up to the bike and riding away like it belonged to them.