Savage attacks students walking home from school

60th precinct
The 60th Precinct station house.
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Savage attacks students walking home from school

A brute attacked a pair of students as they walked home from school on Murdock Court May 13.

Police said the young victim was walking with a friend near West Street when the attacker suddenly approached them and said “Let me talk to you real quick,” before throwing the student to the ground and attempting to go through his pockets. The victim shoved his own hands in his pockets to keep the bandit from stealing anything, and the attacker ran off when the victim’s friend stepped in to help.

Construction site creep

Some creep broke into a West 33rd Street construction site on May 8.

Police said the jerk allegedly slipped into the active work zone near Neptune Avenue at around 9 am. Law enforcement said the site was tightly secured with a chain link fence and locked gates. He did not appear to have stolen or broken anything, but did have an open warrant for his arrest in Kings County, and was arrested on the scene.

Brighton break-in

Some jerks broke into a Brighton 3rd Street apartment on May 8.

The victim said a couple of unknown sneaks broke into his home near Brighton Beach Avenue at around 6 am and stole his laptop, work phone, and other electronics. Cops searched the building but didn’t find the housebreakers.

Photo op

Someone filched a purse near Sea Breeze Avenue while its owner took a photo by the beach on May 9.

Police said the victim set her bag down on Riegelmann Boardwalk at around 11 am while she snapped a few pictures. Before she knew it, some teenager ran by and snatched her bag. The thief dropped the purse, but only after he grabbed $1,300 in cash from inside.

Vanishing vehicle repair shop

A vehicle repair shop on Neptune Avenue disappeared and took a vehicle it was supposed to be fixing with it on May 4.

Police said the victim’s 2020 Chevrolet was towed to a repair shop near W 16th Street after a car accident. When he tried to pick up the vehicle, though, he found that the shop was closed and his car was no longer in the lot. Cops searched the neighborhood and couldn’t find the car, and no one could determine if the shop had moved to a new location, or where that might be.