Scalawag students steal sneakers

88th precinct station house
88th precinct station house
Photo by Stefano Giovannini


Fort Greene–Clinton Hill

Students stealing sneakers

A group of schoolyard scalawags tried to take the shoes off a classmate’s feet outside a Clermont Avenue school on Dec. 1.

Police said the victim walked out of the School for Career Development near Atlantic Avenue just before 2pm and was surrounded by six of his fellow students, who then tried to pull the shoes from his feet. They couldn’t get the shoes off, but when the victim stood up after being knocked to the ground, one of the would-be bandits closed their hand around his throat.

Corner store con

A brigand robbed a Myrtle Avenue bodega on Dec. 7.

The victim was working inside the New Saba Deli and Grocery near Clermont Avenue at about 7pm when a man entered the store and told him to “put the money in the bag” after flashing his gun, police said. He made off with a total of $700 in cash from the register.

Getting canned

An argument at a Tillary Street homeless shelter became physical on Dec. 8.

Two residents were having a verbal dispute in the shelter near Prince Street at about 7am when one of the women allegedly hit the other with an aerosol spray can, slicing open her forehead. An on-site officer arrested the assailant.

The victim was taken to Cobble Hill Hospital by ambulance.

Not very neighborly

Neighborly greetings took a turn for the worst when a man attacked an acquaintance in their Navy Walk apartment building on Dec. 9.

The victim was standing in the lobby of his building near Tillary Street at about 9pm when the baddie walked in and cut his face with a folding knife, police said, then ran out of the building. Slicing the victim’s face was apparently the most recent spat between the pair.

Get in the zone

A prowler broke into an Atlantic Avenue car shop and emptied the cash register on Dec. 7.

Police said the AutoZone between Gates and Classon avenues was closed and locked up just before 11pm, but when employees returned early the next morning they found that someone had come in overnight and stolen $400 in cash.

Early-morning break in

A pair of home invaders broke the glass door of a Clinton Avenue apartment and made themselves at home on Dec. 9.

The victims awoke that morning to find the door of their small apartment building near Greene Avenue worth about $600, shattered, but couldn’t figure out what, if anything, had been stolen. Camera footage showed two men busting open the door at about 3am.

Housebreaker hits jackpot

A jerk broke into a Myrtle Avenue apartment and stole a variety of luxury items on Dec. 10.

Police said the victim left her home near Hall Street at about 6:30pm, and when she returned a few hours later, found that someone had broken into the apartment and rummaged through her bedroom, picking up two designer wallets, a selection of jewelry, and some credit cards. Two of the stolen cards were used at a nearby Target that same night.