Buying a multifamily townhouse is stressful. Insuring it doesn’t have to be.

townhouse insurance
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Whether you own a brownstone or multifamily townhouse building, when you go with Brownstone Agency, you can be assured that you’ll find relief in the following ways:

 1. Price relief: Brownstone Agency’s three-year prepaid policy — which is when Brownstone locks the client’s rate in for three years without any adjustments — is unlike any other product offered by anyone. There is no townhouse insurance like it anywhere. “Nobody else wants to write those policies,” said Brownstone Agency managing director John Simone. “But we love them.”

townhouse insurance

2. Filing claims is a breeze. Brownstone Agency’s in-house license claims adjusters and their third party panel of attorneys negotiate, fight, and settle claims in the best interest of their clients. They handle claims on behalf of the carrier. “We underwrite and handle claims so the clients know the name Brownstone Agency,” said managing director John Simone. It’s a one stop shop with one company to deal with.”

townhouse insurance

3. Loyalty. As an agency with nearly 50 years writing business in the brownstone and townhouse community, the Brownstone Agency name is well known. “We specialize in writing insurance for real estate,” said Brownstone Agency marketing and sales agent Laura Allocco. “We have the expertise because we have the longevity doing it.”

To protect your investment, reach out to Brownstone Agency today and inquire about locking in a low rate with their three-year prepaid policy.