$10,000 cash taken from Stewart Avenue lumberyard

90th Precinct


Wood evening

A scrappy thief broke into a Stewart Avenue lumberyard sometime overnight on Dec. 9 and stole nearly $10,000 in cash, cops said.

The owner of the yard between Grattan Street and Flushing Avenue said that he left the business at 10 pm on Dec. 9, and when he returned at 5 am the next day, he found the doors kicked in, several desk drawers open in the office, and $9,430 taken.

Box-cut breakdown

Cops cuffed a woman who they say slashed a guy in the face with a box-cutter on Graham Avenue on Dec. 11.

The 48-year-old victim said he was near Siegel Street at 5:10 pm when the 23-year-old suspect walked up and sliced him, seriously injuring him. The victim said he knows the accused.

Change comes

A fiend attacked and robbed a guy on Moore Street on Dec. 10 after trying to break a bill, police said.

The victim said that he was in a bodega between Humboldt Street and Graham Avenue at 10 am when the goon approached.

“Do you have change for a five?” the lout supposedly asked.

When the victim refused, the punk punched him in the face, grabbed cash out of his hand, and scrammed, according to a report. A witness gave chase but could not catch the assailant, the report states.

Tools rush in

Cops cuffed a man who they say broke into a Ten Eyck Street construction site to steal tools on Dec. 10.

Police said they responded to calls of suspicious men in the property between Union Avenue and Lorimer Street at 4:40 am.

When officers arrived, they found the 20-year-old suspect stealing power tools, including a drill, a saw, a screw gun, garbage bags, a hammer, a crowbar and a nail gun, and arrested him, but his partner got away, per the NYPD.

Wrong turn

A pair of robbers asked a woman for directions on Marcy Avenue on Dec. 11, then robbed her, police recounted.

The 23-year-old woman said she was walking between Hope Street and Metropolitan Avenue at 1:50 am when two toughs approached her and asked her how to get from Point A to Point B. Then one grabbed her, officers said.

“Give me everything,” the villain supposedly growled.

The victim handed over her cellphone and wallet, and the robbers ran off down Marcy, according to law enforcement officials.


A guy locked himself in the lobby of his S. Third Street apartment building when two marauders threatened to beat him on Dec. 11, officers said.

The 46-year-old man said that he was looking inside his mailbox inside the building between Hooper and Hewes streets at 1:55 am when the robbers got in his face.

“Do not make me hurt you,” one of them supposedly threatened.

The victim refused to hand over his stuff and instead ran into a second lobby doorway and locked himself inside, and the fiends took off towards Union Avenue, a report states.

— Danielle Furfaro

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