Knife-wielding pilferer steals woman’s phone



Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Knife knave

A man snagged a woman’s cell phone inside of a Sheepshead Bay Road residence on July 24. 

The victim told police that the bandit threatened her with a knife inside the home at the intersection of Avenue W at around 3 am, before grabbing the phone and fleeing. 


A bandit snagged $2,000 from a storage bin inside a Shore Parkway apartment on July 29. 

The victim told police that he returned to his apartment at the intersection of Brigham Street at around 10:30 am to find his savings missing. 

Loose change

A goon attempted to break into an Ocean Parkway laundry room’s cash box with a drill on July 30. 

An employee told police that the malefactor was unable to get any money from the laundry at the intersection of Kings Highway at around 1 am, but left empty handed.