Man beaten with brass knuckles in bodega

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

School Scoundrel

A ransacker broke into a Benson Avenue public school and vandalized the smart board, computers and school supplies on April 18. 

Police said the schoolbreaker got into the building between Bay 22 and Bay 23rd streets through the construction scaffolding and entered around 1:35 am through a roof door that isn’t allowed to be locked. 

Meddling kids

A brute beat a man with brass knuckles outside of an Avenue P bodega over ordering sandwiches on April 20. 

The victim told police the savage asked him if he wanted to take it outside of the store between Dahill Road and Mcdonald Avenue but the victim said he didn’t want to because he is much older than him around 6:40 pm but the attacker waited outside for him. 

Cheap date

A woman lost her wallet on Cropsey Avenue and found there were charges placed on her card on April 15. 

The victim received an alert on her phone that the thief who must have picked up her card where she dropped it at the intersection of 19th Avenue charged her card around 2 pm for $3.90.