Baby-back, baby-back ribs

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Baby-back, baby-back ribs

A shoplifter stole baby-back ribs and 12-pack of Corona beers from a Cropsey Avenue grocery store and fled on foot on April 21. 

The store employee told police the bruiser hit him before leaving the store between Canal Avenue and W. 17th Street around 8:50 am with the stolen merchandise. 

Cig break-in

Three bandits followed a man into his Brighton 6th Street apartment building and stole his phone, money and debit card on April 18.

The victim told police the savages followed him into the lobby of the building between Brighton Beach Aveue and Brightwater Court and punched him in the head, and claimed they had a gun and knife around 4:45 pm before stealing his belongings. 

Rude delivery

Two brutes stole the food a delivery driver was bringing to their W. 11th Street apartment complex on April 20. 

The victim told police the brigands took the food forcibly from him when he arrived at the building between Avenue V and W and punched him in the face around 12:15 am before continuing to search through his pockets.