Scumbag assaults ex-girlfriend in Coney Island

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Bench beat

A slimeball assaulted his ex-girlfriend outside of her West 17th Street apartment building on Nov. 25. 

The victim told police the bruiser approached her between Mermaid and Surf Avenues around 11:40 am and grabbing her by the neck, before slamming her head against a bench. 

Crime time 

Two highway robbers nabbed a woman’s iPhone 7 while walking on Riegelman Boardwalk West on Nov. 26.

The victim told police that the two good-for-nothings approached her near W. 32nd Street around 2:15 pm and asked for the time, before snatching her $500 cell phone from her purse. 

Wake and take

A snake snagged a cellphone from a sleeping straphanger while aboard the F train near W. 8th Street-New York Aquarium station on Nov. 28. 

The victim told police the thief woke her up by tapping her knee with his cane near Surf Avenue around 5:20 am before grabbing her iPhone 11 Pro and leaving the train.

Bag nabber

A pirate snagged a woman’s bag as she took an early stroll on Neptune Avenue on Nov. 23. 

Police said the lout ran up to her at the corner of Ocean Parkway around 2 am and took the purse containing her phone, credit cards, and other items off her shoulder.