Brigands swipe woman’s purse

60th precinct
Photo by Jessica Parks


Coney Island—Brighton Beach—Seagate

Grab your purse 

Brigands swiped the purse of a woman walking down 86th Street on Dec. 31. 

The victim told police that the baddies nabbed her purse containing $1,700 and her cellphone while she was on foot between W. Eighth and W. Ninth Street at around 3:30 am and ran away. 

Hair loss

A weasel snagged hair loss solution from a Brighton Beach Avenue drug store on Dec. 30. 

Employees told police that the lout swiped more than $1,000 worth of other items from the store at the intersection of Coney Island Avenue at around 3:30 am, before fleeing without paying. 

Speedy McQueen

A thief nabbed Alexander McQueen sunglasses and a Valentino purse from a car parked at a Cropsey Avenue hardware store on Jan. 2.

The victim told police that she entered the store at the intersection of Bay 53rd Street to make a return at around 3:10 am, but when she returned, the $2,978-worth of items were missing.