Knife-weilding knaves rob child’s AirPods


Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Knife guys

Two knife-weilding knaves stole a kid’s AirPods on Avenue T on Nov. 26.

The victim’s mother told police her son was walking home from school at Ocean Avenue at 5:30 pm when the two scoundrels demanded his AirPods at knife-point, before hightailing it away.

Shoe snatcher

Some snake stole a man’s phone and shoes on Shore Parkway on Nov. 29.

The victim told police he was walking at E. 14th Street at 3:25 am when the thief demanded his phone and shoes. Seeing the handle of a gun sticking out of the brute’s belt, the victim gave up his items and the savage fled off with them into the train station at Voorhies Avenue and Sheepshead Bay Road. 


Four bandits snatched a man’s groceries while he was biking on E. 16th Street on Nov. 30.

The victim told police he was peddling down Quentin Road at around 2:06 pm when the savage quartet grabbed him by the collar, forcing him from his bike. The ruffians then pointed a knife at his stomach and grabbed his grocery bags, headphones, and phone.