Gun-wielding goons rob man



Sheepshead Bay—Homecrest—
Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Run up 

Two gun-wielding villains attacked a man and stole his wallet on Gerritsen Avenue on Jan. 19. 

The victim told police that the brigands approached him at the intersection of Cyrus Avenue at around 7: 30 am, before telling him to “run his pockets” while brandishing firearms. 

Swipe swoop

A rogue mugged a man for his wallet at a Kings Highway subway station on Jan. 20. 

The victim told police that he took out his wallet to retrieve his Metrocard at the station near E. 16th Street at around 6:10 pm when the brigand snagged the wallet and rans toward the exit. 

Scrap metal scoundrel

Cops cuffed a man for allegedly breaking into a Bragg Street affordable housing complex and stealing scrap metal on Jan. 22. 

The victim told police that he suspect allegedly took the property from the building at the intersection of Avenue W around 10 am and sold it to a scrapyard for $40,000.

Police caught up with the man and arrested him on burglary charges, according to police reports.