Police arrest man for alleged knife-point robbery



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Manhattan Beach—Gravesend

Knife knave

Cops cuffed a suspect for allegedly robbing a cab driver of $140 on Ocean Avenue on March 10. 

The victim told police that the suspect allegedly wielded a knife at the corner of Avenue Y at around 4:34 pm, before grabbing the cash.

 Police later found the suspect inside a nearby building him an arrested him, according to police reports.

Phone ploy

A triad of thieves swarmed a man at an Avenue Z bus stop and stole his cellphone and wallet on March 12. 

The victim told police that the purloiners asked to use his cellphone to make a call at the corner of E. 14th Street around 1:55 am, but never returned his phone. 

Liquor lifter

A burglar swiped liquor and cash from an Avenue U bar on March 9. 

An employee told police that the raider broke in through the front door of the business on the corner of E. 18th Street around 6:40 am and used a crowbar to break into the cash register. 

Cigarette burn

A band of masked thieves stole $1,380 worth of cigarettes and phone cards from a E. 14th Street business on March 15. 

The employee told police that the looters fled the store at the corner of Shore Parkway around 2:55 am in a dark vehicle, before hopping over the counter and grabbing the contraband.