Smoke signals

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Smoke signals

An unknown brute slashed a man in the arm at an 81st Street apartment building after starting an argument with him on April 10. 

The victim told police he was smoking a cigarette on the second-floor staircase of the building between New Utrecht and 18th avenues when the unknown slasher approached him around 5 am and attacked him.

A sweet steal

A bandit attempted to steal two bottles of vodka and two jars of Nutella that was left in the hallway of a 79th Street apartment building before the rightful owners noticed someone was outside of his apartment on April 5. 

The victim told police that the hallway outside of his penthouse at the intersection of Bay Parkway is not a place people usually pass by and when he heard some noise in the hallway around 6:40 pm, the suspect fled and left the assortment of pantry items in the hallway.

Time trap 

A highwayman robbed a pedestrian walking home from a friend’s house on New Utrecht Avenue after asking him for the time on April 4. 

The victim told police that the savage then punched him causing him to fall at the intersection of 67th Street and then proceeded to punch him in the head around 4:15 am and stole his cellphone.