Rogue robs work van

62 Precinct

62nd Precinct

Bensonhurst-Bath Beach

Rogue robs work van

A sneak broke into a commercial van parked on 86th Street and stole cash on March 22.

Police said the sneak picked the vehicle’s lock near 24th Avenue, opened the front door, and pocketed $1,200 that was stashed inside. Nearby cameras captured the theft.

Stashing stolen mail, and more

Officers investigating a person in possession of some stolen mail on W 10th Street on March 22 got a little more than they bargained for.

Police said the swiper had had allegedly nabbed some mail that didn’t belong to him, but when they headed out to his apartment near Avenue P to check it out, the thief also had a collection of drug paraphernalia. 

Marketplace bandit

A bandit broke into the Bensonhurst Marketplace on 20th Avenue on March 23.

The victim told police the marauder entered the supermarket near 73rd Street through the side door, after the store was closed rifled through some cash drawers, and made off with $1,800. Police searched the area but didn’t find evidence of the burglar.

Cards stolen from car

A pilferer found a car parked on New Utrecht Avenue and stole some credit cards stored inside on March 21.

The victim said he had parked his Black Nissan Altima near 62nd Street and left it unlocked while he went about his day, but when he returned, realized someone had pulled the door open and located his credit and debit cards and pocketed them.

Double-parker loses car

Someone hopped into a double-parked car on 86th Street and drove off with it on March 22.

The victim told police he left the car running with the keys in the ignition near Bay Parkway while he ran into a nearby store. Just a few minutes later, though, the vehicle was gone. License plate recognition pinged the car heading toward Staten Island on the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge later that day.

Neighborly dispute

A woman allegedly attacked her neighbor on Bay Parkway and 83rd Street on March 24.

Police said the victim asked the noisy malcontent to quiet down and was screamed at in reply. When the victim tried to make her escape, the rogue allegedly lunged at her, cutting her with a box cutter and hitting her in the head with what officers believed to be a pencil, leaving her bleeding.

Cops arrested the attacker on the scene while emergency responders treated the victim’s injuries.