Baddie assaults victim with glass bottle


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Bottled up rage

A brute smacked a man in the head with a bottle on Avenue P on June 11.

The victim told police that the ruffian swung the glass bottle at the victim’s head outside a bodega between McDonald Avenue and Dahill Road at 6 pm, causing him to surfer laceration to his forehead, fingers, and hand. 

Push and shove

Two robbers pushed a man down and stole his wallet on 18th Avenue on June 13. 

The victim told police that the two slimeballs pushed him from behind on 74th Street at 12:38 am and stole his wallet, containing $353, his credit card, and his ID. 

Car crook

A bandit nabbed a wallet from a car parked on 77th Street on June 11.

The victim told police that the good-for-nothing entered her possibly unlocked car by 15th Avenue at 5 pm and stole her Coach wallet, which contained her credit card.

Cleaned out

A thief swiped air freshener and detergent from a Kings Highway pharmacy on June 9.

An employee told police that the victim nabbed six boxes of Febreze and some Gain detergent from the employee-only rear loading area of the pharmacy on the corner of W. 11th Street at 1:50 am.