62nd Precinct: Get out of the sidewalk!

62 Precinct


Bensonhurst—Bath Beach

Get out of the sidewalk!

Some jerk hit a woman with his car on 84th Street on Sept. 23.

The 56 year-old victim told police she walked up to the alleged assailant’s car, which was blocking the sidewalk, and told him to move at 4:40 a.m. The brute then reversed his car, hitting and damaging the front of the victim’s car. The driver then drove off, hitting the victim and causing scrapes to her arm and leg.

EMS treated the victim at the scene of the incident before transporting her to Maimonides Medical Center to be evaluated further. 

Apartment scammer

Some dirtbag scammed a Bath Beach woman out of thousands of dollars on Sept. 5.

The victim told police she was told to send $2,250 to the scammer as a security deposit for an apartment. After she sent the money and went to see the apartment, the woman met the unit’s true owner and realized she had been tricked. 

Car break-in

A punk broke into a car on Bay 19th Street on Sept. 19.

Police say the robber broke in the driver’s side front window at 7 a.m. and took electronics from the 66 year-old owner of the car.

Just like that

A thief robbed a woman’s apartment on West 6th Street on Sept. 23.

Cops said the thief broke the lock on the front door of the apartment around 6 p.m. and slipped inside. He then stole jewelry and $12,00 in cash and fled the scene in an unknown direction.

Car bandit caught

A prowler tried breaking into a car on 81st Street on Sept. 19.

A witness told police he saw the alleged thief trying to break into the vehicle at 8:50 a.m. When he tried to stop the robber, they fled on foot through multiple backyards.

Police searched the area and found the defendant forcibly entering a victim’s home.